WFD is always on the last full weekend of January, beginning at 19:00 UTC on Saturday and running though 18:59 on Sunday.

You can operate on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter HF bands and all bands above 50 MHz.

To be considered for scoring, all participants must submit their log entries before 11:59 UTC on March 1st . All logs must be submitted in the Cabrillo formation and contain the proper exchange data. Late entries cannot be accepted.

WFD participation and results are tallied and posted on the website for future reference. Our goal is to logs scored by May 30th and posted the first week of June.

Logging Programs


Winter Field Day Contest Log 2.8.5


Version 1.0.9768 (January 3, 2023) or greater


Version 4.67.6 or greater


1.0.1 - February 13, 2022 or greater


2024 WFD Event Packet

Rules v12.29.22

2024 Fillable Flyer

WFD Flyer. You can add your local information in the space provided.

Location Map Instructions

Location Map Best Practices

We would like to develop a comprehensive FAQ section, but for now if you have any questions or need clarifation on anything, please contact us and let us know.

Q: How do I change my location on the map?
A: When you registered your location on the map, you received an email from The subject line was [WFDA] Location Submission. The last line of the email says click here to edit your entry. You can change or modify any field from your original registration using that link.

Q: Why isn't FT8 allowed for WFD?
A: We set our objectives around ensuring that WFD remains an exercise in emergency communications. Though we recognize FT8 is a legitimate digital mode, it cannot pass even simple emergency traffic. WFD is not about how many contacts you make or the points at the end of the day. It's about whether or not you can successfully relay emergency information back and forth in adverse conditions. That single concept, along with our core principles, is what we use to develop the objectives and guidelines for the WFD event. While many people enjoy FT8, and it may help improve your digital skills, we encourage you to use those skills to practice passing information back and forth using other digital methods during WFD.

Q: What do I do if I discover an error after I submit my log?
A: When you submit your log, you will receive a confirmation email. If you find an error after submitting your log, return to the submission page and resubmit a new log. The new log will overwrite the old one. You can only change your log until 11:59 UTC on March 1st. We shut down the submission page at that point, and all logs become final.

Q: What category should I use?
A: Which category you use is very discretionary. You will not receive any penalties if you use the wrong category. Follow the general guidelines in the rules while keeping in mind the spirit of the event. WFD is about pushing yourself to new limits. Suppose you are operating in a communications trailer. In that case, that might be considered Mobile, but if you are within walking distance of a club member's house. You have all the conveniences of home, like nearby heat, running water, appliances to heat up chili, or a couch to chill on during your downtime; you really should not consider yourself an Outdoor or Mobile station. That same communications trailer could be just as quickly parked in a parking lot somewhere, and now you have more obstacles to overcome.

Q: Are there any bonus points, such as a satellite QSO?
A: For the 2024 event, we changed the bonus points to Objectives.  No "points" will be awarded for a satellite contact, operating on alternative power, or anything objective.  However, we do tally the number of objectives you complete. Completing all 7 gives you 7 out of 7 or 100%. Not getting the satellite contact would put you at 6/7, which is 85% of objectives completed.  This will be displayed on the results page.  So instead of seeing 1500 bonus points, you will see 85% of objectives achieved.  

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